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A switchy, kinky, and insatiable slutbunny extraordinaire craving to provide excitement, service, and bounces to those with an appetite for carnal knowledge.

Welcome to the official website of Kaylea Kendall, Slutbunny Extraordinaire!

I am Kaylea Kendall… A switchy, kinky, and insatiable slutbunny extraordinaire craving to provide excitement, service, and bounces to those with an appetite for carnal knowledge. Peak into my burrow and you will discover that I am so much more than a mere bunny; I have teeth, claws, and more than a few hops in me.

This site is a bit of a conundrum as it not only serves as a location to provide services professionally but also brings all things “Kaylea Kendall” to a central location. As you may have noticed I have a lot of social media and fansites. It can be a lot to keep up with and a bit disorientating! I mention this because this site will have quite a bit of personal things shared about my life including who I am as a kinkster, provider, and a person, as well as my dreams and goals, and what I do and do not provide others.

With that, let’s get deeper into the nice, hard, thick meat of who I am, what I am looking for, and what I want looking for me…


 My “tagline” encapsulates the very definition of who I am as a ‘Kinkster.’ I am driven by curiosity about kinks, embrace them as a whole, even those considered “taboo” by society, and I am insatiable. I feel a calling to open minds to kinks that many take for granted, to lend of myself to satisfy urges and help others discover the pleasures and pains that can truly only be experienced when everything else falls away. To relish within the synergy and discover the understanding that exists in the depths and completeness of the darkness when one is beaten, shaking, screaming, and writhing is a beautiful thing that far too many are denied, as I once was. Today, I crave the rush of the darkness, the loss of shame and pain, embracing the twisted taboo and their dangerous demands, and the feeding upon the depraved lusts of others and them of me. Pleasure unbound and pain released.



“In the rush of the ride, spinning of the mind,

the pace of confusion, swirling of spaced,

the drive beyond chaos, shaking of shame,

the Bunny Death Bounce comes to life,

hear me squeee, I am the sluttbunny extraodinaire!”


At a young age, I discovered ‘50 Shades of Grey’ and while I view the books and the movies as problematic, they were a gateway drug for me. They showed me kinks previously unrealized within me, and I dug deep into hours of heavily researching anything I could get my eyes on and in the process learned everything I could, at least from an intellectual and technical standpoint. At the tender age of eighteen, having raised my awareness and gained freedom from an oppressive home, I dove headfirst into the lifestyle. Unfortunately, all of the studying would not prepare me for accepting myself, without kink, and like most little girls I struggled heavily with it. At that point in my life I lacked self-acceptance, self-love, and self-respect and I slammed into a cycle of self-hatred and self-loathing. I left the lifestyle and partnered with a man who had an aversion to all things kinky and I suffered. I quickly discovered through a lot of hard lessons that kink was more than a passionate hobby. It was a core part of who I am and what I want out of life and anything short of it was a compromise I could not make.

To date, I have had three Masters, one of which I married. I do not regret doing so even though it ended horribly. The thing about Masters, both good and bad, is that every one of them provides you with valuable tools and raise your expectations as you travel down the paths of kink. I learned over the decade as a slave how valuable communication, internally and with others, is, how important it is not to compromise your desires and needs, and just as critical not to allow doubt and self-destructive emotions to guide you in kink or in life. Oddly, I also discovered that being a slave prepared me to effectively become a Mistress, which in turn has given me more insight into the slave wolf within me.


One thing is for certain, a decade later, after varying experiences, I no longer need to learn the lesson that I cannot live without kink and I will always be grateful for the slave within for the determination and strength of her voice. 


It is in the act and the head spaces that flow through sex that I find calmness and quietness from the storms of life and its challenges. When I am being used, to being of service and pleasuring others I feel grounded and at peace in ways that I do not experience in other aspects of life. Fortunately, I am, in truth, a nymphomaniac, meaning there is opportunity for pleasures unbound. I cannot emphasize that enough; many a man thinks that I jest or that they can handle it and I suspect it is because the fantasy of being with a nymphomaniac is alluring. Still, the reality lies somewhere in the realm of not being careful of your wishes. If you are someone who cannot fuck me three times a day and understand that I will still throw myself on your cock after dinner then you may find yourself overwhelmed.


Surprisingly, despite the amount of sex in my life, it wasn’t until 2022 when I met my life partner that I experienced anything even remotely resembling an orgasm. With a single finger, he explored my pussy, showed me the fabled “g-spot”, sucked and licked on my clitoris, and blew my mind. Over time he also pushed my limits and placed me into uncomfortable situations, such as face-riding, where having an orgasm was no longer a choice but beyond my control. I had avoided having my pussy “eaten” and rarely did I find a man who threw themselves into doing it. As a submissive person, I never asked for it, expected it, or demanded it as I never wanted someone to feel like it was a chore or necessary. My partner taught me that when someone says that they “like to eat pussy” they either bring a fork and a napkin or they waste your time nibbling, and fuck, he brought multiple napkins. Today, I am a woman who will grind my pussy down and hope you can breathe through your ears.


When it comes to cock, I am insatiable, whether I am being used by it or I am torturing it. I enjoy cocks of all sizes and colors but I will be blunt and say that “size does matter.” The only use I have for a micro-penis is to cage, degrade, humiliate, and tease it. If it isn’t large enough, meaning at least average, to make it past my thighs then it ain’t going to be useful outside of providing me an opportunity to torture. Now, a nice thick piece of meat that pushes the limits of my holes? That’s my jam and I will raise my ass every single damn time. While I said that I do enjoy all colors of cocks, I am not just a “slutbunny”, but a “snowbunny” as well. I am fond of aggressive, commanding, controlling, dominant, and intelligent Black men with thick, long, and meaty cocks that know what little White girls need. “Get that white ass up in the air, bitch and get this cock!” is how it gets things done.


Oh, and before I forget, there is a thrill in having an audience, to have my body and my skills admired and appreciated is a rush. Alternatively, it can be quite intoxicating to be in the crowd and take in all of the pleasure that others derive from hedonistic experiences.



It is a curious thing to hear the call of the wild and know, that in the stillness as your heart pounds within your chest, you, a member of the apex predator on our little planet, are nothing but a moment away from being taken as prey. As a woman, I am always in a state of hyper-awareness in my surroundings. I watch for the slightest inclination that someone may bring harm to me. Is that young man browsing a magazine and stealing glances wondering what color my panties are? Is that older gentleman loading his car next to mind moving a little too quickly? Am I about to be thrown into the back of my car as I load my groceries? Am I bending over just a little too far near that group of college boys? Why do I feel the hair on the back of my neck rise whenever I am alone in the evening in the park and I hear a dog barking and the slapping of shoes against the pavement? Because I know. I know that I am a woman in a world dominated by men who are inclined to take what they want regardless of what anyone else wants.

I am not some little submissive girl waxing on poetically on FetLife about how they want to be “tortured by orgasm denial, and listen to a man say all kinds of dirty things as he ties me up and pleasures my body.” Good for them, but let’s be honest, they are all about their tiny “rape” fantasy that focuses on their pleasure. Their desires are selfishly motivated and they have more interest in what a “predator” will do to and for them than embracing the reality of the darkness. That is not who I am. That is not what being prey is all about. That is “play” and I am not looking for “play.”

In my darkest thoughts of being callously taken, forced to bear the brunt of brutality and violence where a predator does not care about my limits, my feelings, and sure as hell not my pleasure. He knows that he is in control and in that moment only his pleasure and enjoyment matter. He does not give a damn about what you do and do not want. He is a hunter. He is a predator. He is a man who takes exactly what he wants and how he wants it, and a man such as him does not want a dainty little thing that feigns and giggles, one that laughs and feebly attempts to crawl away. No, he wants prey that knows that its very life is at stake. Prey will bite, kick, flail, scratch, scream, and fight with everything they have. They stalked their prey and chose it for a reason and they do not look for pathetic and weak, they are wolves, not coyotes. They want the satisfaction of the hunt and the pleasure of the taken.

What do I want? I want to be taken and fucked against my will, without any limits other than permanent physical damage, to be conquered and used like the worthless piece of flesh that I am. I want to be taken to the ground, my head pushed against the soil and my pussy filled with load after load of hot come, leaving me bred against my will. I want someone capable of doing so without playing games, telling me what he will sexually do to me, and instead just taking it by force without regard for me. However, heed my warning I won’t make it easy. Rape isn’t supposed to be.

“Make it hard, deep, fast, forced, and real,
Make the bunny hop, bounce, scratch, and bite,
Make the little cunt giggle, laugh, and squeal,
Force its holes till it cries, sobs, and screams,
Fuck, use, breed, beat, rape, and black,
That little slutbunny extraordinaire, she’ll know her place in the night!”

I was raised in a very traditional and conservative Irish Catholic family where an emphasis was placed on “family” being the alpha and the omega. After leaving home at a tender age I learned over time how misled I was, but the discovered truths of my past did not deter my belief in “family.” Family is everything and it is born not always of blood but also of bond. It confuses, hurts, stresses, and has the power to bring you to your knees, but it also provides clarity, comfort, and peace, and raises you to heights you might never attain on your own. Without its loyalty, compassion, steadfastness, and sacrifice it cannot call itself family, and today I have a life partner who I love deeply and a child who I will sacrifice everything for.

What does any of this have to do with a kinky little tart who seeks depravity such as myself? “Family.” That word matters just as much for Kinksters as it does for anyone else. In my particular case, I am the ‘Matriarch’ of a high protocol polycule kinship, “House Perversa” which is governed by a dedicated directive dynamic overseen by the inegalitarian leadership of its Patriarch and Decider, Lord Damien Draevon. Under my Hand falls the responsibilities of all things domestic within it, such as good little boys who know the appropriate way to clean a toilet is with the brush in their mouth and a thick plug in their bum.

“Sen parenteso ni sufro, en unity ni spricas”

“Without kinship we suffer, in unity we rise.”


There are many aspects, or as I like to call them, ‘Wolves’, to who I am as a Kinkster, and one of my wolves is that of the Mistress. This role was something I did not realize existed as a part of me until very recently. It is an odd thing for me as the majority of my time as a Kinkster I served in bottom-type roles such as a slave. In reflection, outside of kink, I realize that I have mostly had a dominant personality. As a youth, I was independent, and decisive, and pursued hobbies that were aggressive and required much self-control. After leaving home at the age of eighteen, I entered a career that demanded authority, control, and dominance. Anything short of that would end a career before it ever began. Shortly thereafter, I found myself making a lot of decisions in my marriage as well. Finances, housekeeping, hobbies, meal plans, and my husband’s career choices. Come to think of it, for years I also watched an awful lot of pegging and Mistress-style pornography.

After the birth of our Daughter, Lord Draevon and I were having a lot of conversations about kink and the direction of our lives and he admitted his submissive kinks. Though he was initially embarrassed, he opened up and I jumped at the opportunity to use his holes and dominate him. There was so much pent-up frustration and stress at that point in our lives for both of us that it was exactly what we needed.


I take being a Mistress seriously and it is a personal thing that I currently only share with Lord Draevon though with his permission I am leaving the door open to taking on a personal slave or two should the right one(s) come crawling.


May 20, 2022. A random date. A random day. It was a day that began the end of my life as I had come to know it. It was the day that I discovered a message on FetLife from what I now know was a “DemonDaddy.” Essentially, a DemonDaddy is a dominant brat of a Daddy who attacks in just the right way when you need it to happen. You might squeal, scream, and hate it, but they do it in a way that makes you think they can read your mind, body, and soul. It can be emotional, like forcing you to speak when you don’t want to, or it can be physical, like driving just one more orgasm out of you that your body screams at you is impossible. They are cruel, sweet, and embarrassing, but also loving, kind, and gentle. They can also be real dicks. No matter their behavior, before you know it, they are your world. The message intrigued me and I quickly became enamored. Over the next two weeks, I got to know a man over the Internet. You can read about the experience in my blog, but suffice it to say that it would take a single date to change my life. A single date to save my life.


DemonDaddy. For me, that is Lord Damien Draevon. I have found happiness and love in the darkness. My Daddy changed my life. He saved my life. He brought light and warmth into the cold darkness. He is my Daddy, my Master, My Lord, my world and I love Him. Yes, even when He’s a dick. Sometimes, depending on the severity of His dickness, I love Him even more. In turn, I am His Daughter. I am His Slave. I am His Bitch. I am His Slut. I am His Whore. I am whatever He desires me to be. Oh yes, I do have “Daddy Issues.”


Today, we share a life, that while not always perfect and without challenges, is one that is devoted, loving, respectful, and for the end of days. We share a daughter with more children planned. We share dreams, goals, and kinks, and are committed to each other and our House Perversa. It is with His blessing, encouragement, and support that I have been able to pursue one of my deepest desires; to follow in my mother’s footsteps and become a Pleasure Service Provider. I will not reveal who she is at this time because I want to rise on my own, but I will say that despite her exit from the Industry, she still has devoted fans almost thirty years later… My goal will be to be remembered long after I am gone. Though I am Lord Draevon’s Daughter, I am also the Daughter of a whore and I will wear both proudly.

“I am not the perfect father and I will never be. You are not the perfect daughter and you never be, but together we will be the best father and daughter we would ever be.”

1 Hour | 2 Hours | 3 Hours
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$750 | $1,000
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When I began exploring the path of a Mistress it occurred to me that while I had already dipped my toes into being an escort by that time, there were many unsatisfied submissive males out in the world. I enjoy being an escort, but being in absolute control, wielding the authority during sessions, and relaxing into using little cocks and filling hungry holes was one hell of a stress reliever for me. While I am new to being a “Top” and a Mistress, having spent a decade on the other side I am finding that my previous experience enhances my abilities and helps me understand my clients and their desires in ways that I might not have without it.

Many equate a “Domina” with a “Mistress” which is all well and good, but for me, it is not the same. Being a Mistress, as I mentioned previously, is very personal. On the other hand, “Domina” is another term for “Pro Dominant” or “ProDomme.” So for me, there exists a wall that allows me to be comfortable taking on session slaves where my focus is on their kinky cravings where being a Mistress is all about taking care of my desires and needs. As a Domina, I require being addressed as “Lady Kendall” or “Domina” and never “Mistress” as that term is reserved for my personal slave(s).

My goal is to one day have my own professional dungeon space full of furniture, implements, and space for a lot of dominant kinky fuckery where begging little boys and girls will squeal, squirm, and scream under my careful care and loving torture. 

Read my FAQ and book an appointment with me today!

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Truthfully, this is not a wolf that I have within me… at best, I am a
“Caretaker” more than anything else. While I am a woman who has
given birth to a child, I do not think I possess a “Mommy”
aspect. However, exploring such a role is not a concrete limit for me
that I am aware of at this time. Because of this, I offer the role as
a Pleasure Service Provider. To what degree is going to be determined
over time and experience, but currently, I am willing to provide
cuddles, discipline, innocence-based playtime, naughty exploration,
and lactation. Yes, I do lactate and I am willing to
provide suckling sessions to little boys and girls who are hungry for
breast milk, but a paddle awaits if any milk goes to waste!

Read my FAQ and book an appointment with me today!

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$750 | $1,000
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In November of 2022, I willingly began a career in Pleasure Services as an Escort with the blessing, encouragement, and support of House Perversa. I was a nervous wreck and the first few times were an absolute struggle for me. There were all of the preparation steps such as vetting, ensuring I had supplies, and traveling to clients hundreds of miles from my home area. Unfortunately, holidays and life soaked up much of my time and I would go on hiatus as an Escort as well as a Kinkster outside of House Perversa. I would return to escorting in early 2023 and I found an amazing client in my area which led to many amazing experiences.

Yet, life was full of surprises as I discovered in March of 2023 that
I was pregnant, thankfully with Lord Draevon’s child. I would soon
discover that escorting was… not going to be possible as I had an
extremely difficult pregnancy. Following the birth of our child, I
would again re-enter the world of kink and pleasure service in early
2024. However, as much had changed for me, I began to focus on
becoming a Domina and began limiting any Escort appointments.

That is the long and short of it, but I am still very much including the
escorting path in pleasure services that I offer, so if you are
seeking a grounded, intelligent, and personable young woman with whom to spend interesting and entertaining hours then don’t be shy!

Read my FAQ and book an appointment with me today!

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I am Kaylea Kendall…


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